Coast trip

26 January, 2010

Was down at the coast near Batemans Bay this long weekend for some R&R. Unfortunately Jenny had to return to Canberra for work yesterday but I stayed down there for the four days.

Was nice to get away after a mildly stressful week at work and do some reading, practice my drawing. I didn’t accomplish anywhere near as much as I hoped although I got distracted by an urge to clean the beach house and spent a good 5 hours working on the kitchen cleaning out the pantry (where I found a few items that expired in 1999).

Plus I managed to churn out another chapter for the My Exodus blog.

The weekend didn’t turn out to be the “get away and think/meditate” that I had previously hoped for – if four days isn’t enough to get my act together and do then I don’t know what it’ll take but I’m still hoping to do that at some point to try and draw down these vague ideas floating around in the top of my head.

At least I made significant progress towards finishing Cryptonomicon, a book that I nearly gave up on reading around the hundredth page but was urged to push on with – glad I did because it got a lot better … nearly at page 800.

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