2 February, 2010

After running out of space on my desktop computer last week at home I decided to finally get around to setting up some storage on the network, or Storage Area Network (SAN).

I bought the parts of a computer from D&D in Sydney(case, motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive) which arrived Monday night and spent most of the evening setting that up which took me a little while as I haven’t assembled a computer in several years. Back in 1999 that was almost going to be my career choice, building computers, and I did two months work experience before deciding it wasn’t for me.

So anyway, built the computer – had to pull the motherboard out five times because I didn’t put the screw holders/spacers in, then I forgot the face plate, then the CPU fan wouldn’t fit, then the fan was warping the board … and finally I didn’t realise there was two power plugs on the board; spent half an hour panicking because the computer wouldn’t get past POST.

Then I installed the OpenFiler NAS Linux-based operating system which is basically an operating system dedicated to running storage. Had to install that six times … the first few times because I didn’t read the part in the instructions where it said I had to manually set the partitions, then I discovered the on-board NIC wasn’t compatible … but finally got OpenFiler installed and then spent all last night getting it configured which was pretty hard going (didn’t want to pay 40 pounds for the administration manual). Extended and logical partitions, shares, Samba, LDAP, authentication … then Windows wouldn’t authenticate but finally got it all lined up and working and now I have a terabyte of storage accessible from any computer on the network.

Pretty cool eh?

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