Car horns: New thinking

24 February, 2010

So I was nearly run off the road yesterday when a guy changed lanes without looking … and it got me thinking, we don’t have time to beep our horns in a real emergency because we’re busy taking evasive action and by the time the crisis is over there’s no point beeping the horn to warn the other driver … unless you just want to let them know you’re pissed off, which is an illegal use of your vehicle’s horn.

Wouldn’t it make sense if your horn was activated if you braked hard or suddenly swerved? It would have to be calibrated right so it went off at the appropriate moments and didn’t go off when you were simply turning a corner or slowing down but I reckon there’s an idea in that.

One comment

  1. Modern French cars, post 2000 or so, activate their hazard lights under emergency braking (which is probably defined as ABS activation) for this reason.

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