Dream: 9 March 2010

9 March, 2010

It started off when a scientist realised that the ballistic trajectory calculations prepared several decades earlier for putting satellites into orbit were wrong and that all satellites would fall out of orbit and back to Earth at the same time, destroying the atmosphere upon re-entry.

We sent two space shuttles up to try and fix the satellites but there were just too many … and they started to come down, blotting out the sky with fireballs. I did watch one of the shuttles land on an airstrip in the middle of town – the rear back of the shuttle was separated from the cockpit and disintegrated – replaceable component I guess.

The massive disruption to the ozone made some strange things happen – nature started taking over our cities at an incredible rate; we could see grass and trees growing out of the pavement … if you stood too long in the one place (like one of the guys in our group) then the grass would grow into your feet. Some people were attacked by pools of hostile organisms sliding across the ground crawling up people’s legs and killing them.

We ran into a nursing home … and then strange things started to happen to people. A elderly women suddenly grew muscles and was strutting around, until the same thing happened to another guy and they got in a fight. Then another guy three times bigger burst into the room and started swinging at everyone. Jim. He chased me around the building (I dived through several glass windows). Then other people started to change in weird ways … it was a bit like The Incredibles. We couldn’t get rid of the big guy, but we did nearly drown him once by stuffing his head in an oversized empty breath freshener box until the song playing changed and he woke up. He was pretty mad. I was tasked to look after him and try and keep him calm – by that point I had turned into water so he couldn’t hurt me.

We ran around for a bit, trying to find somewhere safe. The scene was pretty chaotic. Found some more people still alive and not going insane in a car park – then we ran into a school. The President was trying to broadcast a message via shortwave (seeing all the communication satellites were dead) from the school … and then the meteors began to fall. Dinosaurs chased us through the building … more diving through windows and running, then piled into a car and made a run for it.

And that was when my alarm went off, waking me up. Pretty vivid dream – went for hours. Very doomsday. The sky started to peel back from blue to black as the ozone burned off … but at least it wasn’t as bad as they had initially predicted. I think some of us would have survived.

Wish I could draw – some amazingly-detailed scenes from the dream in my head, like driving over debris whilst meteors were falling, the colour of the sky, the cityscape decaying and being taken over … brains are weird.

One comment

  1. Aparently dreams only last seconds or at the most mintutes. Did you have the duck or the salmon last night? LOL

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