Easter weekend away

4 April, 2010

SpotlitAfter cancelling plans to travel down to Tasmania for Easter we found a cottage between Goulburn and Bathurst near Black Springs that was available for a few nights.

Our trip up was eventful; we stumbled on two snakes on the road: one which was either a copperhead or a red belly black and another which was likely a tiger snake, plus a blue-tongue lizard.

Our cottage was on a farm and so on our second day there our host took us for a tour around the farm to see their cattle, sheep, alpacas and donkeys as she went around feeding the animals, moving animals to different paddocks and checking the farm.

It was good to see such responsible farm management, in contrast to some of the farm’s neighbours whose land was being “raped and pillaged” by the owners as our host described it. Bare dirt scars in the land, no trees, even cases of mistreatment of animals.

Having read my dad’s university textbooks from his degree in forestry when I was young I had some idea of land management and conservation and it’s disappointing to see people who take no pride in their work, no interest in sustainability who prefer to live in selfish ignorance rather than be informed and look after the environment.

Our host on the other hand showed us the fenced-off old-growth eucalypt forest and new plantings they had put in with government assistance. Unfortunately the government is no longer offering that grant.

They’re also putting in solar panels with surplus which they’ll be putting back into the grid, also with the government assistance which unfortunately will no longer be offered from next month.

Delays with getting wind farms established and the rapidly shrinking Oberon Dam not to mention the entire water table from poor water management through increased population from land sub-division and industry has left me feeling quite pessimistic about Australia’s future.

I believe there is still a chance to reverse the damage … but we first need to put the brakes on before we can start going back the other way and it looks like not enough people in positions of authority and influence are doing enough because we’re still running out of water and natural resources, and are screaming ahead at full-speed into disaster.

Will somebody think of the children?

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  1. Which is why the billboard add on the way home had me fuming. It sums up the general attitude. “We’ll leave the light on for you. Lets power ahead” ACTEW AGL.

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