Less doing, more thinking (to do better)

16 April, 2010

I’m going to blog far more substantially about today’s Innovative Ideas Forum 2010 held at the National Library of Australia later on this evening, but my initial impressions are less about the content of the conference and more about how I feel.

Events like IIF2010 cause me to reflect and be disappointed in myself. I’m frustrated that I don’t think more, that I don’t come up with more ideas, that too often I go with the status quo or think small picture instead of challenging and thinking big and radical.

Too often I find myself in the trench wondering how on earth I’m going to sprint across No Man’s Land to the enemy trenches rather than questioning the assumption that I have to attack head on.

As Rob Manson said, we spend so much time thinking about and discussing iPhone or iPad interaction models and it doesn’t even occur to us to consider the long-term cultural impacts of the introduction of such technology. We latch onto something and that dominates the conversation. I’ll talk more about Genevieve’s presentation in my full review of the Forum but her presentation was an eye-opener, and to me as a user experience practitioner it really shouldn’t have been. That annoys me.

It annoys me because I am the ideas person, I work in a strategic communications team, I’m an early adopter, leading others into the future … and yet I attend events like today’s Forum and I realise that I’m completely myopic and I need to push myself even further, question everything assumption, throw out every prediction and really innovate. I don’t make enough time for that, I don’t push back from the desk often enough.

It makes me feel entirely inadequate and I just want to kick my own arse.

Instead, I’ll go have a gin & tonic.

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