Dream: 22 May

22 May, 2010

The earliest I can remember was catching a taxi from Civic up to Parliament House for a Government 2.0 function – I had injured my ankle and couldn’t hobble to the bus interchange. Got up to near the house but the driver missed the exit and I wasn’t sure I had enough change to pay for him to go around again. Luckily I did.

Up at the house I was trying to discuss some secret proposal with some important people including, yes, the Deputy CEO of Australia … who wasn’t particularly interested. But someone else was, because my business partner or whatever was killed when his car blew up in the parking lot out the front. Then my car was rigged with explosives too and every afternoon after that, like Groundhog Day, every car in the parking lot would blow up. Hmm, I had a dream the other night about cars blowing up – what does it mean? Probably that I watch too much Burn Notice.

I was then having lunch at the cafe at the House and paid in miniature port goblets, which were the equivalent of a $2 coin. Roast chicken.

Then some humans got hold of a device that looked awfully like our garage remote control that gave them power over the aliens. Yes, stay with me here … there were aliens. So then a group of about two dozen humans left Earth with the aliens and it was all good … until the batteries in their device went dead. Then the aliens killed them all. Gruesomely.

And that was about it.

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