“You need to get out more!”

24 May, 2010

I had a brief chat with someone yesterday who was unfamiliar with online social networking and critical of Facebook, Twitter etc.

My colleague’s introduction of me to this person as the “guy with X followers, Y number of blogs” was met with disdain. This person then advised me I need to “get out more” and scoffed at my “Internet friends”.

I’m no stranger to such criticism – though I thought we as a society had moved on from such debates as I haven’t had to defend my online activities in this manner against such ignorance for a couple of years.

It is frustrating that I had to explain that I do have a social life outside the Internet, that being hyperconnected is not a bad thing (it’s the inevitable future and comes with awesome benefits), that I scored my last two jobs via my Twitter network and then listed the conferences and events I help organise like BarCamp, TEDx and CTUB meetups, the projects I’m involved in like OpenAustralia and Canberra Coworking and that I do know many of my “Internet friends” in real life too and am in fact travelling up to Sydney in a few weeks with the main aim of catching up with people I met online … although I also know I will never get the opportunity to meet in real life many of the people I’ve befriended online; and I’m totally ok with that.

So I’ve managed to educate and persuade just one more out of the billions who don’t get it.


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