Off to Sydney for the weekend

16 June, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve made it up to Sydney so I decided to just head up there for the weekend and take care of some business and catch up with friends. Twitter, email and online chat is great but it’s no substitute for having a beer down at the pub or catching up for yum cha on a Saturday morning – speaking of which there are still a few seats available!

I’ve got a meeting on Friday with a highly-reputable Australian design agency which I’m terribly excited about, discussing the possibility of doing freelance work for them. Then catching up with my friend Zara for coffee, wandering around town doing some shopping and taking photos then hopefully convincing a few peeps to do beers with me Friday night (hint hint) before a busy Saturday of catching up with Yuval about a possible project, then yum cha brunch and then heading up into the hills to see OpenAustralia colleagues Kat and Matthew … then driving home!

Looking forward to it – should be fun. Then I’ll probably be back up in a few weeks for someone’s birthday 🙂


  1. Yesterday was fantastic! Apart from coming down with a sore throat and sniffles, I had a great time meeting with a design agency I admire and respect to discuss work opportunities, then had a long chat and coffee with my friend Zara Choy who I met when I was up in Sydney for Global Entrepreneurs Week last year, then wandered up to the Harbour Bridge for sunset and took photos before catching up with Jo-Anna Wood who I used to work with at DEEWR. Then went and grabbed dinner in Chinatown before going to see (don’t judge me) the new film The A-Team: good fun, but not very memorable 🙂

    Now I’m having a latte down on Kent Street before meeting up with a bunch of people at the East Ocean Restaurant for yum cha brunch. After looking up Katoomba on a map I’ve decided maybe I’ll wait till next time to catch up with OpenAustralia colleagues Kat and Matthew.

    I have to walk past Haigh’s Chocolate on my way back to my motel … not sure I can say no this time 🙂

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