What annoys me about Masterchef

23 June, 2010

The scoring.

It’s just not transparent to the competitors. There needs to be more rigour around the weighting that judges give to different elements of evaluation of a dish.

For example, the competitors may think that presentation is really important when in fact the judges in some cases rate a good tasting but terribly plated dish over an ordinary but well presented dish.

And tonight with the competition set in Paris: Marion and Callum presented a non-French dessert which in my opinion should have significantly affected the scoring of the dish or even had their dish disqualified but in this case the judges decided to suspend that rule because they liked the dish.

How the fuck are competitors meant to figure out how to work with such flexible rules?

Perhaps they’d be better off just ignoring any cuisine guidelines if it means so little and just cook whatever the fuck they want?


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