Checkvist – My new favourite task list manager

28 June, 2010

As much as I loved Todoist there were just some minor things that after a while meant we had to part ways. That follows a long list of switching task managers, from Remember the Milk, Nozbe and more.

At the moment I’m playing with and absolutely loving a new web to-do list manager Checkvist.

Basically everything works as a series of checklists, but it’s all hierarchical so if you want you can just have one list. The progress bar on the Checkvist home page has encouraged me to break up everything into chunks of work that will actually conclude rather than bottomless lists. Hence a few of my lists have the month appended to them so further work on those things will be put into a new work batch and checklist:

Checkvist home page.

The purple scheme is not default. I have already upgraded to the paid account so I can receive daily digests – something which Todoist couldn’t do and thus was the final straw for me – but also means I have the option of customising the colours. Even allows me to code in custom CSS which is pretty nice!

“!temp” is just a list I dump small things or tasks I need to tease out into properly planned sequences of actions.

The checklist view shows the list heading and then your tasks. You can order them how you like or sort by due date or colour. You can automatically move completed items to the bottom of the list and show numbers next to the items to reinforce sequence if you want:

Checkvist checklist view page.

I was particularly excited about the import options including indented lists. That’s just beautiful! For someone like me where ideas come screaming into my head at gigabytes per second and then vanishing I appreciate this quick add option that allows me to build a complete hierarchical list in seconds. It’s one of the main reasons MindApp is my preferred mind-mapping tool, because it does not get in the way of quick map creation:

Checkvist import box.

The keyboard shortcuts – just brilliant! Add task, add subtask, cut and paste tasks, extract a branch into a new checklist, go to home page, go to checklist list, add notes, load hyperlink, make due today, tomorrow, ASAP, colour coding (something that Todoist supported but clunkily) … oh and did I mention you can either colour code the text or the background? I mean seriously this thing has it all … but it’s just so beautifully integrated into this minimalistic interface so nothing is there you don’t want but everything is just a key press away.

Seriously, I couldn’t have designed a better task manager application for myself.

The Due view is nice – shows what tasks are due today, ASAP and tomorrow along with what checklist and branch they belong to … I would make one tweak here and enable the completing of tasks from this view but it’s a minor detour to click through to the checklist from here and press spacebar to complete the task.

Checkvist Due view.

Moving all my tasks from Todoist to Checkvist has given me such a massive boost in productivity and in the last few days I’ve felt more in control of my task list.

I like the GMail integration: When viewing an email you click the 2Checkvist bookmarklet and it loads a box confirming the adding of a new task in the format [link:subject|url] which you can customise before adding it. Works on any web page … plus you can select text on the web page first and it’ll make that the title of your new task.

I’ve set up GMail filters so it redirects my daily task list digest to my work email address so when I arrive at work in the morning I have my list of things to do for the day. It just works. I haven’t been able to think of a single new feature I would request or anything significant I would like changed.

I know I’m only on Day 3 of using it so still in the honeymoon period but I think I’m in love.


  1. Hi,

    I seem to have covered much of the same territory as you; I thought Nozbe was the Second Coming before getting a reality check on the cluttered design and the pricing. I was intent on moving to RTM but had a lingering distaste for the dangly thing on the right of each page. I eventually moved to Todoist but grew frustrated by the deficiencies in the support and various doubts about the interface and how well it worked. I think Checkvist is superb and love just about everything about what the owners are doing with it. Development is a little slow for my liking but that’s life 😉 – Good things come to he who waits.

  2. I think I have been following along on the same path as you. I discovered Checkvist a couple of years ago but have recently went back and It’s awesome. I didn’t realize the extent of the import as you described. Nice tip! It would be nice to have an email account associated with your Checkvist account that you could email tasks into. Good article though.

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