Dreams this week

1 July, 2010

There’s been a lot of killing in my dreams lately.

A few nights ago I witness two assassins cut each other down outside a farmhouse. It was horrific – like a cross between Captain Nemo slicing up the over-drugged equivalent of Mr Hyde in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and the scene from Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash where Raven hacks up the legs of the head Crips guy (that scene has stayed with me – I’m a very visual person).

Then two nights ago I was chased by sharks in the water … and then out of the water, as the sharks clambered onto a narrow ledge of beach and then followed me up the hull of a ship and attacked me. Then I was attacked by giant killer crabs and other marine life. Everything was out to get me.

Then last night I was some superhero, running around blasting everything (I think it started off as being inside a video game) with guns, then I was throwing knives and killing people … I was rescuing hostages, but then they got kidnapped again and my powers faded. I ended up huddled in a ball hungry and cold on the roof of a shop where people threw money at me thinking I was a beggar. I never saved the hostages.

I’m hoping tonight I have a less vivid or more peaceful dream – can’t take any more killing!


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