Dream: 3 July

3 July, 2010

Last night before I went to bed I made the mistake of clicking on this photo of a wolf spider on Flickr. That of course set the scene for me to have dreams about spiders, which I did. I dreamt of a next of black house spiders behind my computer sprawling with babies so I sprayed the nest and everything evacuated the nest so I ran. Came back the next day and the wall was covered in dead spiders but I found a few survivors so I zapped them again along with a few other creepy crawlies and webs around my room.

Can’t remember my dream between that and my next one but I was back with my church and we were all preparing to go off to a Sunday meeting but then this group of intelligent animals attacked us and wanted to get access to our computers so I stayed and defended; then there was a tiger, and then I bought a blanket from a shop but they hadn’t yet quality assured it yet – apparently they tested all their blankets with fleas and stuff to show they were bug-proof. My mum wanted me to take it back but they said there was a backlog for testing but I was welcome to run it through the tests myself. So they showed me to the cage where they kept all these flea and fly infested animals – dogs, a panda and a brown bear. I didn’t stay there for long.

Then I got into a knife fight (ah yes I knew the lull in violence wouldn’t last) with some guy, and then upgraded to a sword when we took on this giant monster vegetarian spring roll that attack my group of travellers … I think we’d jumped back several hundred years for that dream. And that was about it.

Yay for wacky dreams!

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