What next?

11 July, 2010

I finished my 12th — and for now, final — therapy session with my psychologist for depression last Friday and am in a much better place now than I was four months ago. I’ve been blogging recently about working part-time, designing your job, the failed time:productivity ratio and other work and lifestyle-related topics. I’m just finishing off Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week and have been offered three jobs in the past month plus had people approach me about three other roles. My relationship with my partner Jenny has never been better.

Life is really, really good. I’m feeling positive about myself and my future. I feel empowered.

I can’t yet put my finger on it but I feel like there’s a change coming in my life. Whilst I have strong reservations about some of the material in Ferriss’ book there’s certainly something in there that’s attracting me and I feel that part of this coming change will end my servitude and being bound to an office. It’s coming up to three years since I closed down my web design business and the itch to run a business (or do something equivalent that scratches that itch) is returning. I feel a growing need to do something more meaningful and significant with my life … but the force behind it is not the same that pushed me before and it’s not something I feel frustrated or resentful about. I feel optimistic and even excited – even though I don’t know what it is yet. Joining Ferriss’ New Rich? A career change? Starting a business? Moving overseas? Taking a year off work?

I want to put my design talent to more effective use. I feel that my talent is worth more than what I’ll get paid working as an employee so part of this change will be figuring out how to better cash in on my skills and experience. I want to spend more time working on social innovation design challenges but integrated in a way that I don’t have to choose between working billable and non-billable time or only work on my own projects after 6pm or on weekends like I do now. I want to do what I want and travel where I want without having to worry about income and bills.

I’ve had enough of accepting the status quo. It’s not good enough for me and I believe I can do better even if all my friends have given up and have resigned themselves to live inside the box that society has ordered them to live and work inside. I’m feeling foolishly optimistic and arrogantly clever and I’m going to bend and shape my world so it is how I want it to be.


  1. Congrats on the new found optimism. Best of luck with the journey!

  2. Agree! Your positivity and optimism is inspiring and motivating. Sounds like you’re in a pretty exciting place at the moment.

    Your comments about the push to do something new reminded me of a great quote from ‘The Monk and the Riddle’…

    All the best Nat!

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