Got to remember to take my meds

18 July, 2010

I felt a little odd during the night and had plenty of vivid and strange dreams then woke up this morning dizzy and disoriented. I thought I might have a brain tumour or something because it’s unlike normal illness … then I realised I forgot to take my anti-depressants yesterday morning.

It’s happened once before and I had to take the day off work because it wasn’t safe to drive. Trust me to do it on my birthday too!

It’s really not pleasant, stumbling around, feeling like I’m being mildly electrocuted and struggling to think straight. I tried to remind myself to take them by putting my box of Pristiq on top of the cereal but my system failed me yesterday, distracted by having an early morning client photo shoot.

Bit scary that I suffer withdrawals like this after just one day especially when I’m only on 50mg and have only been taking it for about five months. What happens if I want to go off the drugs? I’ll have to take a week off work and just try and sleep it off.


  1. Hi Nat
    flickr user here stumbled on your blog via there and jenny knows who i am
    it sounds like you are on effexor – it works (Great!)
    but it has a very short half life and it leaves your system very quickly – and that means a harsh reaction
    I have had dizzy spells, nausea, what is known as brain zaps (and thats what it feels like)
    if you are on effexor, its important to take it at the same time every day – its a bugger for me who is disorganised as i often run out and then realise i dont have a script. There is some excellent advice on the net in effexor user groups.
    of course if that not it – ignore the above

  2. ps when coming off they can put you on another short term one that does not have the mule kicking side effects of withdrawal- then that eases you off effexor much more kindly – if your doc doesnt suggest that when you get to that point – then he/she should as finally the doctors have started to take notice of just how bad it can be to leave antidepressants like effexor.

  3. rolex 価格

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