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As I looked out the window …

13 September, 2010

I was standing at a window on the fourth level overlooking the staff carpark today watching cars zoom up and down aisles looking for a park, and from my vantage point I knew their quest was futile.

I could see everything and I knew they were wasting their time. There were no free spaces … if only I could call out to them and tell them to give up!

The scene really impressed on me the idea of a two-dimensional flatland … they could only see what was next to and in front of them, not over obstacles – the boundaries that defined their world. I was in a three-dimensional world and could see all and could have helped them – but I had not the power.

It got me thinking about the idea of God/gods and compassion and how if I had the power I would have helped those people, as trivial a matter as it was. If there is a God, gods or other deities and we all agree that helping one another is a virtue then why do those who can see all refuse to help and guide us?

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Self-harm is not ok

6 September, 2010

After advice from my partner and resident mental health psychologist Jenny I took down my blog post about the events of Monday evening a few weeks ago.

Her concerns were not for my reputation as you might think because she knows and accepts that I prefer to share and be open about my life. Rather, her concerns were around something I had not considered – the possibility that people at risk of self-harm and suicide might come across my blog post and use it to either get ideas on self-harm technique or justify their actions which would likely be at odds with any advice such people would be receiving in therapy and professional counselling.

I regret that I was so dismissive of the seriousness of self-harm in that blog post. In my case it wasn’t a that big a deal as I’m at low risk of repeat ‘offending’ but there are plenty of people out there who should be strongly discouraged from self-harming.

Self-harm is not ok.

If you are thinking of self-harming, committing suicide or even just overwhelmed with self-deprecating thoughts then you really ought to seek help either from a friend, family member, Lifeline, Beyond Blue, public mental health services or private counsellor or psychologist.

Cutting yourself may make you feel temporarily better but it’s not healthy in the long term. You are not worthless, you do not deserve to be punished. You deserve to be loved, appreciated and to feel safe so rather than cutting on yourself you should pursue that which you deserve regardless of what nonsense people may tell you about being worthless.

Look after yourselves 🙂