As I looked out the window …

13 September, 2010

I was standing at a window on the fourth level overlooking the staff carpark today watching cars zoom up and down aisles looking for a park, and from my vantage point I knew their quest was futile.

I could see everything and I knew they were wasting their time. There were no free spaces … if only I could call out to them and tell them to give up!

The scene really impressed on me the idea of a two-dimensional flatland … they could only see what was next to and in front of them, not over obstacles – the boundaries that defined their world. I was in a three-dimensional world and could see all and could have helped them – but I had not the power.

It got me thinking about the idea of God/gods and compassion and how if I had the power I would have helped those people, as trivial a matter as it was. If there is a God, gods or other deities and we all agree that helping one another is a virtue then why do those who can see all refuse to help and guide us?

For more of my thoughts on religion and philosophy check out my blog about my escape and recovery from a fundamentalist Christian revival cult: My Exodus.

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