My not-values

12 October, 2010

I recently went through an exercise of identifying and listing all my personal values, mainly by way of figuring out what I liked about people I admired and aspired to be like.

This list is not those values. This list is the opposite of my values, characteristics I don’t want to exhibit and that I don’t believe are part of me … although I admit from time to time in dark moments some of these things come to the fore:

Insincerity, weakness, rigidity, self-doubting, pessimism, maliciousness, daydreamer, careless, mindless, incompetent, ignorant, foolish, irresponsibility, sneaky, boastful, aloof, unreliable, lazy, naive, negligent, indifferent, rude, undermining, obstructionist, narrow-minded, secretive, undignified and self-defeating.

Not sure about the last one – it’s meant to be the synonym of ‘self-caring’. Best I could think of.

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