We’ve been here before

10 December, 2010

I’m reading Designing for People by Henry Dreyfuss from 1955 and I thought this quote beautifully sums up the ignorance of modern record labels when it comes to music ‘piracy’:

It may be recalled that, at the inception of radio, fear was expressed that people would stop going to concerts if they could hear the same symphonies in their homes without cost. Yet concert-hall box-office receipts are proof that radio has educated a huge audience to good music.

One comment

  1. Good quote. But the situation is more complex now. Concerts and radio both in a sense were institutions dictating what is good music. Same could be said for record companies and the LPs/CDs they produced. Arguably, the mp3 playlist is the big revolution, enabling individuals complete control of what/where/when they listen. Institutions are now forced to respond to audiences’ new sense of empowerment. Which at its worst is banal consumerism, but at its best … something new.

    The analogy for technologies beyond the musical also holds.

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