WTF Virgin Blue?

24 December, 2010

My email I just sent Virgin Blue:

I was booked on a flight in November 2009 which Virgin Blue cancelled at the last minute forcing me to quickly book a flight with Qantas at over $100 more. I was told I could quote my reservation number for a future booking to receive a credit but I tried to claim that credit today and was told that my credit has expired. I don’t understand how this is possible – that was my money and you’ve just taken it without providing the service. I’m seriously annoyed. I don’t care what your legal rights are; I don’t want you to quote legal fine print to me … you fucked me over, that’s all there is to it. Not happy.

UPDATE: Virgin Blue has responded to my email on 7 January. The language is painfully formal but the short story is they’ve reinstated my credit of $79 for the flight they cancelled on me in November 2009 and extended it for another 12 months. I didn’t expect that so it’s a pleasant surprise. Now I have to make sure I come back from New Zealand in the next 12 months so I can use it!

One comment

  1. Oh god – I need you to write on behalf of me cos I was too traumatised by my experience to deal with it. Not being allowed to fly from Syd to Cbr cos I had a sprained ankle – might develop DVT, it was for my own good!!! Despite having flown Norfolk Island to Syd fine, and my bro having organise virgin blue to escort me onto plane with wheelchair. So instead they prefer to increase my chances of DVT by dumping me unattended in a wheelchair I couldnt push myself, waiting over 4 hours for you to drive up from canberra to get me, unable to get to the toilet or do anything, and then have to endure the 3 hr car ride home!

    Virgin Blue you fucked me over and increased my risk of DVT by making me sit still for over an extra 6 hours than if you’d let me fly home! Thanks for taking my money and leaving me alone and unable to move. I fcking hate you bad!

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