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BarCampCanberra 2010

22 January, 2010

Our next BarCamp is scheduled for 6 February 2010. Register now!


New blog: Lounge Sessions

22 January, 2010

After trashing my blog mid last year and replacing it with a blog focussed on user experience design, social media and Government 2.0 I lost a place to post random thoughts about the web industry in general, work, the various projects I’m involved with, photography, cooking, philosophy, religion … so I created a Tumblr blog.

I hardly used it – it didn’t support comments natively and plugging in Disqus kinda sucked, so I ended up neglecting it.

I was sitting here tonight thinking about thinking and I couldn’t get my head around any topic in particular – some people suggested just writing stuff; but I don’t have a place for that. Except my other secret blog, which I’ve also since neglected.

So I’ve created yet another space to share other ideas and thoughts that don’t fit in my other blogs, to replace my Tumblr blog.


My jQuery Persist Helper Text plugin

24 October, 2009

I wrote a jQuery plugin last night. Pretty simple, but yeah, my first published plugin.